FDNY Hispanic Society Scholarship Application

All applications must be accompanied by: 

1. A copy of the applicant’s school transcript.

2. A letter from the applicant with specific facts as to the desire to continue his or her education and why financial assistance is required.

3. Two letters of recommendation verifying this application, and giving general personal traits (must be form minister, community leader, elected official, etc.).

4. Letter of academic reference from principal, counselor, dean or professor.

5. Short essay on “The Importance of Preserving the Memory of People, Places, and Events.”

* You can attach them below on this form


If granted a scholarship and I fail to complete the school term for reasons other than sickness of physical injury, I agree to return any scholarship money received by me to the Hispanic Society Fire Department of New York within (60) days from date my enrollment has terminated.

I further state that I consent to providing the information requested in the application. I have provided this information freely and voluntarily and hereby waive any objections to providing this information which might be made pursuant to the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552a. The Hispanic Society Fire Department City of New York has my permission to use the information given in considering and processing my application.

* By Submitting This Application & Clicking The Submit Button Below you agree to this Statement.

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